5 Things To Do on the Toronto Islands This Winter


The Toronto Islands are such a popular destination in the summer. – it’s a no brainer to go hop on the ferry and head over to the island on a warm, sunny day. But what about in the winter? With a community of people living there year round, the islands don’t close up during the winter. Ferries still operate and there’s plenty to do across the lake in the winter!

Check out what you can do on the Toronto Islands in the winter:

There are a few good spots for skating around the island. There are some great surfaces to skate on, particularly in lagoons around it. It’s so much fun being able to skate on a natural surface. However if you can’t make it to the island, there are plenty of other places to skate in the city.

If you’re a fan of snowshoeing, the island is the perfect place to do it! There’s plenty of flat space in the park areas and trails that connect the three islands. It’s 5.25km one way from Ward’s Island to Hanlan Point so there’s plenty of space to explore.

Cross country skiing
Like snowshoeing, the island makes for a great place to go cross country skiing. There’s plenty of parkland to be covered. There’s nowhere else you can cross country ski and get such a spectacular view of the Toronto skyline.

Artscape Gibraltar Point
If you’re an artist, Artscape Gibraltar Point has an excellent artist residency program that continues through the winter. It’s secluded enough that it’s easy to avoid distractions and, bonus, there are other artists there to collaborate with.

Far Enough Farm
This farm near Centreville doesn’t close in the winter! Go visit and get your fix of cute animals all year round. For being a free zoo, there’s a pretty good variety and kids will love to pay a visit for the farm. Winter ferry service does not go to Centre Island so you’ll have to go for a little walk to get there.

Rectory Cafe
If you’ve had enough of the cold weather, had to the Rectory Cafe to warm up over a coffee. It’s open year round on Ward’s Island and they’re fully licensed or you can even bring your own wine (there’s just an uncorking fee if you do).

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Header image via Flickr.

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