Cool Beaches Across the World

DeathtoStock4There’s nothing better than taking your flip flops off and digging your feet into the sand after a long winter. Finding your favourite bathing suit and packing your bag with your beach towel and sunglasses is something we dream about for months. You can head to the beach just to bask in the sun, relax on your donut-shaped pool float, and play pick up volleyball with your friends.

One of the best parts of going to the beach is it’s an activity you can also enjoy alone, reading your book and listening to the wave of the ocean – or, er lake. One of our favourite beaches in Toronto is Sugar Beach! The beach is surrounded with pink umbrellas, and the sand is super soft. Nearby Sugar Beach are a few restaurants and grocery stores so you can treat yourself to a picnic with Lake Ontario in sight! We love beaches so much we wanted to find out more about some of the best beaches from across the world. Here is our list:


Pink Sand Beach

In Ontario, the beaches that we’re accustomed to normally have nude coloured sand. But what if sand was pink? In the sunny Bahamas, Pink Sand Beach is considered one of the best beaches in the world. The pink sand comes from the insects called Foraminifera. 



Image via Mike’s Birds from FlickR


Maho Beach

At the beach, you can lay on the sand, close your eyes and nearly doze off to the sounds of the waves. Unless you’re at Maho Beach, where airplanes get a little too close for comfort! The Saint Martin airport is right next door, causing airplanes to fly right over the beach. Rather than tanning away and relaxing, heading to this beach comes with a thrilling experience! 


Image via Ivon Wong Rodenas from FlickR



Moeraki Boulders

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? If so, you must check out the Moeraki Boulders beach in New Zealand. The beach is covered in large, mystic boulders that leave you wondering if there may be a dragon inside. It is hard not to imagine, as some boulders are smashed to pieces as if something from the inside broke free! 



Image via Ian Cochrane from FlickR


Glass Beach

Rather than sinking your feet into the sand, California’s Glass Beach is full of shimmering glass stones. Glass Beach is (unfortunately) the result of dumped garbage in the ocean, which ends up with a beautiful outcome. People used to dump glass and pottery into the sea, which over time ended up on the shore. 


Image via Dave Ungar from FlickR 

Hidden Beach

Most beaches are easy to find, you can feel the breeze from the waves from a distance. If you are a fan of secluded, less noisy beaches then the Hidden Beach located in Mexico is perfect. Hidden beach is underground, and very easy to miss. It was originally built as a military testing ground. To get into the beach, you must boat in either using a canoe or kayak.

Each of these beaches come with their own unique experience. One key thing to do on any of these beaches is to keep an eye out for anything swimming in the water, you never know if you may catch sight of a dolphin or two!

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