Free Flicks at Harbourfront Centre



There’s something special about going to the movies. From a comedy to a thriller, every movie allows you to escape from reality and dive deep into the story’s plotline. The perks of going to the movies is getting your mouth-watering popcorn (with extra butter of course), picking your favourite seat, and of course watching on the big screen – heading out to the theatre is something nearly everyone enjoys. If you’re wondering what’s even better than heading to the movies, it’s watching it outdoors and going to them for free! Yes, we said free.

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Explore Toronto’s Harbourfront at the Waterfront Artisan Market!

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 11.35.03 AM


With the sun coming out, patios opening, and the return of beach days, everybody is rushing to get outdoors. One of the major perks about living in Toronto is being right beside Lake Ontario, where you can soak up the sun along the Harbourfront. This summer, you can combine your love for the sun, music, and food, all at the Waterfront Artisan Market!

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Your Peek Inside the Pier 27 Tower Model Suite


It’s here!

The Pier 27 Tower sales centre down by Lake Ontario just got a whole lot better, because our model suite is finally up and running. Now you’ll be able to step into the space, get a feel for our high quality designs, and truly picture what life will be like living in by the lake.

We’ve got a sneak peek of the model suite here for you, but the pictures truly don’t do it justice! Be sure to pop by the sales centre when you have the time and see the space for yourself – you won’t be disappointed. Take a look:  Continue reading

Summer 2016 Harbourfront Events!

Waterfront events

There’s something about sunshine and clear skies that just makes you want to head to the sea – soak in the rays and take in that fresh sea breeze. Well, the sea is nowhere near Toronto, but thankfully we do have beautiful Lake Ontario right outside our front door! Once summer arrives, the Toronto Harbourfront is bustling with activity – events, markets, city dwellers and visitors alike – you name it, there’s lots to see and do.

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Everything You Need to Know About Cycling in Toronto


One of the best ways to get out and explore Toronto is by bike. If avoiding traffic and packed public transit sounds good to you (who wouldn’t want that?), then cycling is a great alternative. If you’re getting ready to dust off your bike and need a refresher, or are thinking about getting into cycling in Toronto this summer, here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

Introducing Toronto’s New Animating Our Waterfront Project


Since the 1999 creation of the revitalization task force joining federal, provincial, and municipal governments, we’ve seen a great deal of growth take place on Toronto’s waterfront. The focus over the past decade has been a combination of design excellence, innovative and sustainable development, as well as public accessibility to the waterfront. With the increase in public transit, open spaces, and beautiful developments (such as Pier 27), the organization is well on its way to reaching their goals. Next up? A project that’s designed to make use of these public spaces and showcase the city’s greatest creative talent: the Animating Our Waterfront program. Continue reading

Beaches In and Around Toronto


With warm weather well on its way, the people of Toronto are frantically putting pen to paper and composing their summer bucket lists. These may include ‘taking a scenic hike’, ‘eating all the ice cream the city has to offer’, or ‘doing an epic patio crawl’. With an endless number of summer activities in Toronto, it’s easy for your list to grow to staggering lengths (this is a good thing!), but there’s one quintessential outing you simply must include – going to the beach!
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What’s In a Name – Update on Under Gardiner Project

under gardiner

With new developments constantly popping up in the news, it’s no wonder Toronto’s Waterfront has been unofficially dubbed ‘The One To Watch.’ One of the most exciting new projects in the area is the Under Gardiner Project – a public space set to inhabit 10 acres beneath the raised highway and include 1.75km of multi-use trail. We’re currently in the midst of a 4 month campaign – ‘Reclaim the Name’ – which began as an open call to the community to contribute ideas to name the space. The campaign is currently entering Phase Two – with more excitement expected to follow. Continue reading