Pier 27 Tour: Suite 1209

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When you’re walking past an amazing building downtown, and see a light on in one of the units, don’t you sometimes wish you could see inside? We get it. The allure of a beautiful space is powerful! That’s why we completely understand that you must be bursting with excitement to see inside one of our incredible units still available in Pier 27. You’re in luck – because we’re just as excited to show you! Step inside and take a tour of Unit 1209. Continue reading

Pier 27 Tour: Suite 1210

If you haven’t taken a summer stroll by the Waterfront yet, then you must add that to your bucket list immediately. Not only is it a vibrant cultural hub in our fair city, but it is home to the spectacular Pier 27. With Phase 1 and 2 built and standing in all their glory, we know the anticipation of seeing what’s inside must be mounting. The suites are spectacular, the views incredible – so why not take a quick peek inside! We won’t mind.
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Sleep and Study in our 2B-02BF Suite


The time has come for us to take you through another one of our featured suites!

Our 2B-02BF Suite is a beautiful two bedroom unit with great bedrooms, a spacious living area, and lots of room on the balcony. At 685 square feet, this is sure to be one of the most popular units in our building which is why it’s one of our featured suites. Continue reading

Meet us in the Lobby!

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Here it is! The Pier 27 Tower lobby.

Our beautiful lobby sets the tone for the rest of our building. With lots of attention being paid to design and style, we can’t wait to see the finished product from the team at Interiors by Steven G. Their interior design team is based near Miami and are one of the top high end interior design firms in the USA. Continue reading

Your wish is our command with the Pier 27 Executive Concierge

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In case you haven’t heard, we’re officially pulling out all the stops in this tower. We’re excited to finally announce that the Pier 27 Tower will offer an all-inclusive concierge service for all of our tenants. That means if you need help running errands, booking a reservation, ordering a car service, and more, our team will be on it!

The Pier 27 Executive Concierge service is designed for those of you who lead busy lives and sometimes don’t have time or energy to handle all the small stuff. We want to give you back that time so you can focus on more important priorities in life, and leave the rest to us.

Our concierge team will have all hands on deck to make sure our residents will be taken care of! All you have to do is call or head down to the lobby to get whatever you need done, done.

Convenience is key, and we’re happy to provide that to all of our tenants.