Pier 27 Through Your Eyes

13732209_1135019439903839_1288319425_nBeing along the waterfront in Toronto is Instagram gold. With those beautiful waters, the Toronto Islands just a ferry ride away, and numerous public spaces along it, there are so many things to snap a great photo of. And then there’s us, also located right along the waterfront. With our unique architecture and angles, we’ve seen some great photos popping up of us and our area on Instagram.

We’ve gathered up some of our favourites of those photos to show them off. Scroll down to see some of the best shots of the Pier 27 area!

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Parks & Green Space Galore Around Pier 27


Summer may technically end this week, but that’s no reason to get upset. Autumn in the city is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The humidity and scorching summer temperatures go down and the weather could not be more mild and enjoyable. It’s a great time to get outdoors and explore the city. With the weather being so pleasant, a great place to start are the greens spaces and parks in your very own neighbourhood. There are lots to choose from!  Continue reading

Pier 27 Tour: Suite 1209

full_0019 (1)


When you’re walking past an amazing building downtown, and see a light on in one of the units, don’t you sometimes wish you could see inside? We get it. The allure of a beautiful space is powerful! That’s why we completely understand that you must be bursting with excitement to see inside one of our incredible units still available in Pier 27. You’re in luck – because we’re just as excited to show you! Step inside and take a tour of Unit 1209. Continue reading

Pier 27 Tour: Suite 1210

If you haven’t taken a summer stroll by the Waterfront yet, then you must add that to your bucket list immediately. Not only is it a vibrant cultural hub in our fair city, but it is home to the spectacular Pier 27. With Phase 1 and 2 built and standing in all their glory, we know the anticipation of seeing what’s inside must be mounting. The suites are spectacular, the views incredible – so why not take a quick peek inside! We won’t mind.
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What’s going on at the new Sound Academy?

One of Toronto’s most well known music venues happens to be right around the corner from the Pier 27 Tower site! The Sound Academy has been staple in the music scene in Toronto for many years, although in more recent years many people have agreed that the space could use some work. That’s why Charles Khabouth, the CEO of
INK Entertainment, decided to shut its doors back in January and completely overhaul the space.

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Your Peek Inside the Pier 27 Tower Model Suite


It’s here!

The Pier 27 Tower sales centre down by Lake Ontario just got a whole lot better, because our model suite is finally up and running. Now you’ll be able to step into the space, get a feel for our high quality designs, and truly picture what life will be like living in by the lake.

We’ve got a sneak peek of the model suite here for you, but the pictures truly don’t do it justice! Be sure to pop by the sales centre when you have the time and see the space for yourself – you won’t be disappointed. Take a look:  Continue reading

Sleep and Study in our 2B-02BF Suite


The time has come for us to take you through another one of our featured suites!

Our 2B-02BF Suite is a beautiful two bedroom unit with great bedrooms, a spacious living area, and lots of room on the balcony. At 685 square feet, this is sure to be one of the most popular units in our building which is why it’s one of our featured suites. Continue reading

Phase 1 & 2 Win Silver at the Canadian National Pool & Spa Association Awards!

Pier 27 Pool

If there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s working with great designers across all aspects of our projects. Everything from the interior, exterior, to amenity design is carefully planned out so that our owners not only have a functional and liveable space, but so they’re proud to show it off.

Back in December our work at Pier 27 Phase 1 and 2 with Munge Leung, architects Alliance, and Dominus, was honoured by the Canadian National Pool and Spa Association at the 35th annual Canadian Pool and Spa Conference and Expo in Niagara. The two-day expo had over 125 companies from the pool and spa industry showing off their products, in addition to the National Awards ceremony that took place. We’re happy to announce that the pools at both Phase 1 and 2 of Pier 27 took home Silver Awards at the ceremony: Best Special Use Pool Across Canada and Best Public Swim Spa! Continue reading

Step inside Suite 2B-01BF with us


We’re so excited to finally share some of our floorplans with you! Stay tuned because there are more to come after this. We’re starting with a beautiful suite that features 2 bedrooms and could be your 662 sq ft home right on the lake. You’ll have access to amenities such as this gym that’ll make you want to get moving and this pool by the lake. It doesn’t get any better than that.  Continue reading

What happens to the Martin Goodman Trail in the winter?


If you frequent the Toronto waterfront like we do, you’ll know the Martin Goodman Trail well. The trail is over 50 kilometres, spans the majority of our city’s waterfront, and provides a dedicated cycling and pedestrian trail for Torontonians to enjoy. You’d think a trail like this would only be useful in the summer months, but because of the awesome waterfront revitalization that’s just not true! The Martin Goodman Trail is in full force during the winter and we spoke to our friends at Waterfront Toronto to learn more about it.

Since this is the first winter that the new portion of the Martin Goodman Trail has been open, Waterfront Toronto is still waiting to see what usage will look like during the snowy months. However, during its peak months the trail became the most-used piece of cycling infrastructure in Toronto (in only its first summer), so it’s clearly a popular commuting and recreational route. This past summer they saw about 600 cyclists per hour using the trail, which is amazing!

The Martin Goodman Trail has always been maintained to “bare pavement” standard during the winter and the new stretch of the trail will be the same. That means it has first priority to be cleared and salted after a snowfall of 5 centimetres or more. Since it gets darker earlier during the winter, the new signature light poles installed as part of the Queen’s Quay revitalization will help light your way if you’re using the trail in the evening too.

What’s most important to remember when cycling during the winter is to use your best judgement when getting out on the road. Trail etiquette is more important than ever in icy winter conditions, so always ride with caution and courtesy. The City of Toronto actually has some great winter riding tips you can check out too.

Photo via James Schwartz on Flickr