Welcome to the new Queens Quay

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Unless you’ve been living under one of the Claude Cormier-designed rocks at Sugar Beach, you probably know that the new Queen’s Quay is now up and running! The revitalized area officially opened in June and has been met with outstanding positivity ever since. Our waterfront really needed something like this, and it’s now a world-class street.

The new multi-use road was designed to give people travelling by different modes of transportation their own space. The TTC streetcars have their own right-of-way lane, with car lanes to the north and pedestrian and bike lanes to the south which go east-west for for about 3 kilometres along the waterfront – from Bathurst to Parliament. This however, is just the Queens Quay portion of the Martin Goodman Trail, which actually spans 56 kilometres along the waterfront!

Now that the area is groomed for cyclists, joggers, pedestrians, cars, and the TTC, it might be a bit confusing to know which area belongs to which user. Our friends at Waterfront Toronto recently released a video which outlines the rules of the road so everyone can better understand the new Queens Quay and Martin Goodman Trail and use it safely.

Check out the video below to learn the rules of the road so you can get out and about, make use of the revitalized Queens Quay, and make the most of the rest of summer.

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