Explore the Toronto Music Garden

toronto music garden

As we zoom through the latter half of August, the urge to fit as much summer into a short amount of time becomes all the more pressing. We look over our bucket lists at the remaining activities and make every effort to pencil them in the coming weeks. The good news is that once August ends, the weather will still be gorgeous (if not more so), and the summer activities will still be available to you! One such ‘must-do’ activity that continues into September is visiting the Toronto Music Garden.  Continue reading

Spending the Perfect Day on the Toronto Waterfront

The Toronto Waterfront covers quite a bit of space on a Google map. Technically it’s a 46 km area running between Etobicoke Creek in the west and the Rouge River in the east. For our purposes, we’re confining the Waterfront to the area near Pier 27, and most accessible by transit and biking – we’re talking Spadina in the west and Yonge Street in the east. As you can imagine, there are endless things to do along the Waterfront – do, see, eat and enjoy. The area is bustling with Torontonians and visitors alike, as well as the spot of a major revitalization. Here’s our guide to how to have your own perfect day on the Toronto Waterfront.  Continue reading

What’s Playing at Sail-In Cinema


Toronto’s movie scene has gotten huge. Every fall we play host to the Toronto International Film Festival, where the biggest names in the business come out to support their new films. The festival has grown each year, and is now world renowned. But fall isn’t the only season that’s good for films in the city. Outdoor movie nights have been popping up all over Toronto, and more and more seem to appear each summer. One such night is hosted by the unique Sail-In Cinema, right on the waterfront. Continue reading

Pier 27 Tour: Suite 422

Exclusivity is a funny thing. Not only does it make those who are curious more drawn to the allure, but it makes those with the secret more eager to share. We at Pier 27 understand this phenomenon well. We’ve got the exclusive information and look at our new suites in Phase 1 and 2 of Pier 27, but the last thing we want to do is keep it to ourselves. We want everyone to see what the excitement is about! So rather than keep hush hush, we want to give you an exclusive sneak peek at Suite 422.

Step inside and take in the beauty that is Suite 422. Located at 29 Queens Quay East, this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom + den condo is worth the excitement. Care to take a tour and see what we mean? Continue reading

Pier 27 Tour: Suite 1209

full_0019 (1)


When you’re walking past an amazing building downtown, and see a light on in one of the units, don’t you sometimes wish you could see inside? We get it. The allure of a beautiful space is powerful! That’s why we completely understand that you must be bursting with excitement to see inside one of our incredible units still available in Pier 27. You’re in luck – because we’re just as excited to show you! Step inside and take a tour of Unit 1209. Continue reading

Pier 27 Tour: Suite 1210

If you haven’t taken a summer stroll by the Waterfront yet, then you must add that to your bucket list immediately. Not only is it a vibrant cultural hub in our fair city, but it is home to the spectacular Pier 27. With Phase 1 and 2 built and standing in all their glory, we know the anticipation of seeing what’s inside must be mounting. The suites are spectacular, the views incredible – so why not take a quick peek inside! We won’t mind.
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What’s going on at the new Sound Academy?

One of Toronto’s most well known music venues happens to be right around the corner from the Pier 27 Tower site! The Sound Academy has been staple in the music scene in Toronto for many years, although in more recent years many people have agreed that the space could use some work. That’s why Charles Khabouth, the CEO of
INK Entertainment, decided to shut its doors back in January and completely overhaul the space.

So six months later, where does the Sound Academy stand, you ask? Continue reading

Soaking up Summer: Our ideal day on the Toronto Islands

We love the hustle and bustle of the city, but sometimes it’s nice to get away from it all – even if it’s just for a day! Luckily, here in Toronto, we have an oasis of our own that is just a short ferry ride, paddle, or swim (but we don’t recommend that last option) away. The Toronto Islands are a staple in the city for day trips with family and friends to enjoy the heat of the summer. It’s the perfect place to spend the full day outdoors and really get away from it all back in the downtown core.
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How Sweet It Is: Claude Cormier Talks Urban Beaches


It’s no secret that urban beaches are a big thing here in Toronto, and we just so happen to have a close tie with the man behind a few of your favourites! Claude Cormier is one of Canada’s most prevalent landscape architects, whose work in Toronto, Montreal, and around the world is highly acclaimed. He is the guy behind Sugar Beach – our city’s sweetest hangout spot! We caught up with Claude to chat about Sugar Beach and it’s importance to our urban landscape, and why urban beaches are great to have in cities in general. Continue reading

Cool Beaches Across the World

DeathtoStock4There’s nothing better than taking your flip flops off and digging your feet into the sand after a long winter. Finding your favourite bathing suit and packing your bag with your beach towel and sunglasses is something we dream about for months. You can head to the beach just to bask in the sun, relax on your donut-shaped pool float, and play pick up volleyball with your friends.

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